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Nora Ellis
Nora Ellis
freelance digital artist
Chicago, United States


I have always been interested in concept art – both as it relates to illustrative work, and from a technical perspective. Art that is intended to inspire, to set the tone for a movie or a video game, to design a space. Strictly speaking, artists such as Syd Mead and Gerald Brom who both work as concept artists and illustrators in the science fiction and horror fields.

These days, there seems to be no shortage of people in the world, so places that are empty – liminal spaces, as they are often called – obtain a sort of creepy atmosphere, drawing on the failed assumption that they should be populated. I’m very interested in painting these empty spaces, both as an exploration of landscape, and as a way to open a discussion about civilization and its dependence on human presence in it.

At the moment, I work mainly as a digital painter, although I have some experience with oils and graphite, as well as forays into 3 dimensional art like sculpture, puppetry and sewing. I have created costumes and armor for plays, had my work published in Crook and Folly, and shown art in various showcases.

My current work is predominantly in environmental design, both from the perspective of a traditional landscape painting and in 3 dimensional modeling. My work ranges from painting in photoshop to rendering models out in Autodesk Maya to making a playable environment in Unity. Through a mixture of painting and modeling, I am better equipped to explore the ideas of humanity’s ownership over the spaces that they create—and what those spaces will be like when they are abandoned.

Skills and Qualifications

Skilled at puppet making, sculpting, painting, working with SFX makeup, sewing, woodcraft, digital painting, illustration, animation, and 3D animation. Speaks French, can code in CSS and HTML, with some proficiency in visual basic and python.

Fully proficient with the Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office Suite, can work in Autodesk Maya, Unity, Substance Painter, and tvpaint.

Directed multiple shows with the What You Will Shakespeare Company, managing a maximum of 25 people at one time.


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Software proficiency

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